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"As a programmer-analyst and webmaster, I am very familiar with HTML, nevertheless, for posting images I find Auto Pics to HTML priceless for its speed and time-saving capabilities. I have been using version 1.1 for over a year now and have posted nearly 2,000 pages on my two web pages! I thank my lucky stars for the day a friend recommended Auto Pics to HTML to me!"

Don Poss

Webmaster for War Stories (, and
Vietnam Security Police Association, USAF (

This Windows95/98/Me/2000 program by Anchek Multimedia automatically provides you information about web images located anywhere on your system and automatically generates web pages using solid HTML code that is also XHTML and XML compatible suitable for publishing to the web. See the Screen Shots.

Can't recall what bk1053.png even looks like? Don't know if certain images will work well with particluar backgrounds?

First select a directory whether on your hard drive, CD or other media and press a button. Anchek Multimedia's Auto Pics to HTML will list all the web graphics in the directory and provide information on each image such as file size, width and height in pixels, the number of colors image uses and the format such as a PNG using an alpha channel verses a grayscaled PNG, an animated GIF verses a standard GIF or a proprietary JPEG compared to a JPEG Interchange Format. This listing can be edited and directly printed out in spreadsheet style format.

Automatically generate web pages: press another button and it generates a web page(s) for you with all the graphics listed. The code generated for these pages is solid HTML that is also compatible with strict XHTML and XML incase you decide to publish the collection directly to the web.

Legal HTML code:
<P><IMG src="logo.png"><BR>
logo.png <b>size:</B> 1,211</P>

Strict legal XHTML/XML code:
<p><img src="logo.png" width="80"
height="40" border="0" /><br />
logo.png <b>Size:</b> 1,211</p>

Go to for more information on web specifications.

You can optionally specify the text color and the color or graphic texture of the background. It has a web-safe color palette, so you know the color you select will look the same for both PC and MacIntosh viewers. Any or all of the file information can be included on the generated web pages as text displayed under each graphic.

View your pages: press another button and your web browser automatically opens to the generated pages for you to view. There is nothing for you to write -- you don't need to know HTML to use it. It's fully automatic!

File functions: the program also offers file manipulation functions. You can add or remove files to and from the list of graphics to be included in the web pages generated by the program. In addition you can physically copy, move, delete, and search for files on the hard drive or CD as well as create, rename and delete directories.

Perhaps you're already using a major web page creation program such as Dreamweaver, PageMill, GoLive! or VisualPage plus a high level image editor like Photoshop, Fireworks, Photo-Paint or PaintShop. These offer you the tools to create your work. With the addition of Auto Pics to HTML you can instantly and easily browse through the graphics you create or touch up in your image editor and find the ones you need to place into your web page creation program.

This is version 2.0. We packed it full of useful options and hated to keep them from you. So instead of distributing a crippled program, we set it to work for a limited number of sessions, enough to hopefully entice you to spend a few bucks and register the program.

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This Release November 4, 2000.

This program also requires the updated Microsoft Common Control
(comctl32.dll) version 4.72 or better which comes with MS Internet
Explorer 4.0 and higher and is built into Windows98 and above.


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