Screen Shots


Main Screen

Click on the image above to see a full screen view. You will see, the layout
of the interface presents complete information. Everything can be completed
with just a click of a button.


Filters Menu

Chose which web based images to view. The standards are PNG, JPEG and GIF.

File Menu

You can access the quick tour ( see below ) and print the contents of the File Listing.

Directory Menu

This menu gives you functions to create new folders, rename and delete directories, find files. Can also be reached by clicking the right mouse button over the directory listing

Listing Menu

Provides you with functions to copy, move and delete files from the file list or physically from the directory on your hard drive.

Quick Tour

Presents you with a visual step-by-step lesson to running the program.

Base Setup

The basic setup for the pages generated by Auto Pics to HTML.


Layout option of the information to be added to the page and colors to be used.

Web-Safe Color Palette

The same palette as offered in most high end programs is available to make sure the colors you choose are compatible with both PC and MacIntosh browsers.