This page provides further detailed information on how to use the Auto Place on Clipboard and Auto Send Paste Message to the Receiver Window.

From within the Character Set window, you can toggle whether or not to automatically place the selected characters onto the Windows' clipboard. The green diamond indicates this feature is on. You can then manually go to any opened application and paste the character into your documents.

If Auto Place on Clipboard is off, then the Auto Send Paste Message is also turned off even if it still has a green diamond next to it. Turning it back on will also reactivate the Auto Send Paste Message if the green diamond is next to it.

To have FontPeeper automatically send a paste message to a currently opened window, the window must first be identified. FontPeeper uses the term Receiver Window as the window to be identified. From the Character Set menu choose Select Receiver Window.

The Receiver Window dialog opens. The instructions are very simple and straight forward.

First you need to click on the collection button. It obtains the names of all the currently opened application windows.

The collection information is now available in the combo box. The status bar indicates the number of applications found. Select the window of your choice from the list. Some applications also specify the names of the current document while others do not. The priority lies with indicating the application itself.

Finally, press the Ok button to apply your choice. If for some reason you do not wish to affect any changes, then press the Cancel button.

You will now notice that both Clipboard Settings options are showing to be on as indicated by the green diamonds. Click once on any character in the Character Set window and it will automatically be sent to the clipboard and then a paste message will be sent to your selected application. When you are finished in your application you should turn this feature off so that messages are no longer sent.

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