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Inbetween usages, Anchek FontPeeper folds up neatly and to one side of your desktop until you need it again, leaving you plenty of space to work in. You can also use the menu to temporarily remove (hide) FontPeeper from the desktop independently from the Character Set window. FontPeeper then remains accessable from the Windows' Tray which is at the bottom right hand side of your screen.

The regular, bold, italic and bold-italic buttons are actived or deactivated according to the styles available for the currently selected font.

Icons for each font indicate it's type such as OpenType, Type1 PostScript, TrueType or Raster. The red TrueType/OpenType icons indicate the font is restricted from being embedded in documents.

The Font Sample Text Editor has many features and abilities. It allows you to work with an unlimited number of colors. You can select any font size between 6 to 140 point. The editor can be fully expanded height and width wise and have single- or multi-lined text

When you copy from the editor to the clipboard, the size, font name, style, character set mapping, and color formatting is maintained ready to be dropped directly into your main program.

The window resizes both width and height wise.

The splitter bar between the font list and the sample editor allows you to change the percentage each take up in the main window.

The main popup menu gives you full access to other parts of the program.

There is also the option to Hide the Main Window while allowing the Character Set window to remain visible on the desktop.

The green diamonds in the Font Types menu indcate which fonts are to be listed. If PostScript fonts are not available on you system, it will be disabled in the menus.

The color selector allows you to choose any color to work with your fonts. It provides 16 standard colors and allows you to add over 30 of your own custom colors from a color palette (not shown) to the list. Even after you fill up the list, you can still choose custom colors to work with.

Besides providing you with a square filled with your custom colors, colors' RGB (Red, Green, Blue) numeric values are also shown. Numerals can be standard base 10 notation as shown here.

Or, as shown here, as hexdecimal numerals such as used with HTML. It's your choice.

You have full control over your preferences. The Overal Character Set allows you to choose from Western, Arabic, Baltic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Eastern Europe, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Macintosh, OEM/DOS, Symbol, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese character sets. The appearance depends the availability of the characters sets in your fonts. The font list is rebuilt to only show the fonts that have characters in the current set. Also your system has be able to view the code page for the character set.

Also you can increase and decrease the size of the character map view, control the numeric representation of your colors, and change the sample editor to multi-lined. Manipulate the size and spacing of the font list.

A separate window allows you to view the current font's character mapping. This makes finding characters easy. Also, simply double clicking on a character in the map places it directly into the sample text editor at the current cursor position. This window and characters can be resized to suit your needs.

The menu (accessed by right clicking) allows you to also automatically send characters to the clipboard and also automatically send a paste message to your application. See below for more details.

Click here for further detailed instructions on these useful

The Character Set window menu provides access to other features. You can hide the main FontPeeper window to independently use the Character Set window.

Through the Clipboard Settings you can toggle on or off (the green diamond indicates on) whether or not to automatically have the characters you select in the Character Set window placed onto the Windows' clipboard.

You can also select a Receiver Window from any currently opened application to be automatically sent a paste message so your characters can be placed at the current cursor position.

Click here for further detailed instructions
on these useful functions.

The Receiver Window dialog makes it quick and easy to select a window to receive your characters and paste them at the current cursor position. This only sends the character number information, not the font information. Therefore your application and Anchek FontPeeper should have their fonts syncronized.

If you prefer to send both character and font information (color, size, font name, and weight) then you should double click on characters in the Character Set window which sends them to the Font Sample Text Editor and paste them from there.

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