Anchek FontPeeper is the professional utility for previewing and preformatting your PostScript and TrueType/OpenType fonts and their character mappings along with several other important features such as embedding restrictions, available styles, various code pages and more. OpenType viewing is only available with Windows 2000 and above. This is a restriction of the previous Windows operating systems to recognize OpenType fonts.

Many of the major video and print publishing programs such as Premiere, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and Illustrator fail to offer you a method of viewing your fonts as you select them. Even then, you still might not know the embedding permissions, code pages supported or which styles (regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic) are actually available. When you work with a multitude of fonts, you cannot be expected to recall such information for each face.

The original version was highly praised for helping to solve this dilema. Today Anchek FontPeeper performs as a major professional tool that enhances your creativity.

Anchek FontPeeper is a small, easy to use tool which sits on your desktop much like a plug-in and provides you with quick access to viewing your fonts and information about them. It informs you of the various character sets and code pages available on your system and the fonts that have characters in those sets. It also allows you to preformat text in its preview window before dropping it into your programs using the clipboard.

Plus it includes a character map window to view the characters available within your fonts and the character keyboard input information. It has the ability to automatically place those characters onto the Windows' clipboard and also send a paste message to any open application to paste the character at the current cursor position.

Now is the time to 'Know your font faces.' and Anchek FontPeeper is here to show them to you.

Take a View of the Program

We invite you to look at screen shots which will give you a peek at the program and more information about this important desktop video and print publishing tool. Then look below at the price and you'll know this is one piece of software you can't afford to be without. The ultimate reasonable price for the ultimate font and character previewing utility.

When you order, you will be given instructions on how to download the FontPeeper version from this website. The serial number we will provide you will allow the installation utility to install the program so you can start using it immediately. Be sure to provide us with your email address so we can inform you of your serial number quickly.

Upgrading Note:

If you have previously purchased Anchek FontPeeper and wish to upgrade to the latest release, please follow your registration instructions for access to your FREE upgrade. The links below are not registered versions. Upgrades are provided by download only.

Anchek FontPeeper requires Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Current version is v2.5.

Just $19.95

You can order Anchek FontPeeper right now, directly from this website. Click here to go our ordering page which will lead you to a secured site to order.

Or you can mail us a check or money order in U.S. Funds. Click here to go to our ordering page for more information.

Try it for Free

Take a test spin if you're still not convinced. You can download a fully functional trial edition right here. These are demonstration versions.

FontPeeper v2.5 ( 994Kb ) Fully functional, time limited edition.
Run the file once downloaded.
Requires Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT

FontPeeper v2.5 ( 922Kb )
Same as above except in a Zip file.

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