This is what they're saying about NetColorz:

"NetColorz does just about everything you'd want a utility of this type to do, using an interface that's both intuitive and elegant." Ziff Davis November 22, 1999

Rated 5 stars by 5 Star-Shareware

Version 1.0 was featured twice in Windows Magazine

Anchek NetColorz v2.1 provides a quick method of chosing and testing the colors you define in your HTML web pages and displays their red, green and blue (RGB) numeric and hexadecimal breakdown. It easily integrates with your favorite HTML editor. NetColorz may also be used any other time you require an RGB standard base 10 numerals or hexadecimal red-green-blue triplet to specify colors.

See items with the New icon below for updated features. There are other minor internal improvements as well.

Also For Graphic Artists
Anchek NetColorz's features are also very useful to graphic artists. It can match any pixel's color that is visible on your screen. This means you no longer have to do a screen capture to bring a logos, icons or company color into a graphics editing program just to obtain the RGB values of the color.

Selecting Colors
The NetColorz program now provides 4 easy methods for obtaining RGB color values.

Use the color picker to point and click on any pixel visible on your entire screen to match logos and other specific colors.

Use the 216 color web-safe palette is to ensure compatible colors for both PCs and Macs. Usually available only in high-end graphics programs.

Use a standard Windows palette to select from millions of colors.

Besides the above methods, you can also type in numbers to calculate values between standard base 10 numbers and hexidecimal numerals.

Tray Icon
NetColorz can remain active on your desktop since its icon is maintained in the Windows Tray which is located at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Double clicking on the icon will maximize NetColorz's window. Minimizing the program will close the window with the icon remaining in the tray. Closing the program (by clicking the X) will terminate the program and remove it completely off your desktop. To start the program hidden, go to the About and Options dialog and check "Start program hidden" which will keep the icon available in the Windows Tray while remaining hidden until clicking on the icon. This is the best selection when running the program at the Windows Startup.

Easy Windows Startup Option
Now with this latest version, placing the program onto the Windows startup menu is as easy clicking a check mark. This new feature is accessed through the About and Options dialog box. Simply check or uncheck the "place into Windows startup" option.

Improved Access to Web-Safe Palette
In the previous version you had to constantly open and close the web-safe palette to select colors. Now the web-safe palette window can remain opened while you select and adjust colors. Also when you choose an item that has a previously selected color, if the color exists on the web-safe palette, it will be matched and displayed in the palette.

See frequently asked questions for more information on the program.

Price That Can't Be Beat
Just $16 by check, money order or credit card.
All these features to make your work simpler at a simple price.
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Try it for yourself. Download the fully functional shareware version below. You'll be glad you did.

After downloading run the amnclrz21.exe program and follow the instructions.
Note: See the help and readme file for details. Also see the frequently asked questions.

NetColorz v2.1 Requires Win95 or above (1,102 Kb)
installation amnclrz21.exe file.

NetColorz v2.1 Requires Win95 or above (1,030 Kb)
Zip file with installation amnclz21.exe enclosed has separate
uncompressed file_id.diz, readme.txt and license.txt

Shareware from Anchek Multimedia.